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Of Writer’s Block

This post has been brought to you by writer’s block, and a lovely evening at an acoustic music session at The Old Anchor.  I quite often end up writing here…when I can that is! It’s not for a want of ideas I can assure you. Please let me know what you think and as always, enjoy!


Of Writer’s Block
I want to write of falconry,
And literary critique.
Of mystery cats with stumpy tails,
For ideas I need not seek.
I want to write of new friendships,
And limping down a mountain.
Of adventuring in foreign climes,
I’m a veritable idea fountain.
I wanted to write for the past year,
And would sit with pen in hand.
Of ideas I wasn’t lacking,
But they wouldn’t come out as planned.
I want to keep on writing,
And end this long hiatus.
Of writer’s block no one’s a fan,
It always conspires to frustrate us.

That last verse is being a pain still, but it’s so nice to get something down rather than have a hundred ideas and a hundred blank pages because they won’t transfer.



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I’m Back!

At least I hope I am, conquered poetic writer’s block today for the first time in very nearly 14 months.  I shall try to keep the ink flowing to let the ideas I’ve been saving up get out.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to do some flying with some Harris Hawks, who aren’t always in too much of a hurry to come back to your glove if they’ve found a nice perch and something interesting is going on in the next field.  So whilst pondering those times, I got a couple of lines stuck in my head, and the rest followed (with poetic licence) on once I found a pen.  Since he was the one I saw being a bit reluctant today, I’m naming this in honour of Harry the Harris Hawk (aka Nobby).  Please let me know what you think below.  Enjoy!


My heart beats fast,
With my hand outstretched,
Hoping he will come to me.
He looks away,
Turn turns his back,
And steadfastly ignores me.
I call his name,
Take one step closer,
Hoping he won’t simply leave me.
He looks around,
I call once more,
He makes a move towards me.
I reach out my hand further,
He spreads his wings,
And finally flies back to me.
Now he sits fed-up,
As I tuck in his jesses,
Safely under my thumb once more.


Some Harris Hawks enjoying the afternoon sunshine (even grumpy at the front)

Some beautiful Harris Hawks enjoying the afternoon sunshine (even grumpy at the front)


If you’d like the opportunity to experience flying with a Harris Hawk, or getting to meet and handle some stunning birds of prey, then I personally recommend Wheatley Birds of Prey.  They really look after the birds there, charge a very fair price compared with some hawk walks I’ve seen, and Clive & Jayne are two very lovely people who really know the birds they care for.

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