Best Read First – About the Author

Just in case anyone is wondering about the random entity typing away behind the screen, my name is Ruth Ligget and I am the author of all of these disjointed rhymes.

I have for many years been guilty of writing rhymes in a rather random fashion.  My greatest influence in that respect is probably the great Robert Burns, although I am by no means comparing my work with his.  The comparison starts and ends with ‘we both write about anything we feel like in a variety of lengths and styles’.  I wanted to share my work with my friends and anyone who is interested really.  So many people find poetry intimidating, and I wanted to show people that it can be friendly.

If it makes you smile/gives you a few moments enjoyment, then I have done my job.  Feel free to drop me a line on, find me on Google+, Twitter or Facebook.  Also, please comment on the poems.  I will let all comments through unless they’re spam or down right rude.  In which case I may censor and let them through, depending on how rude you’re being.  Thankfully no one has been yet.  I know my work isn’t perfect and can be improved, but I can only do that with your help.

I will try to update this site every week.  Unless I happen to be in the middle of a field (yes this does happen), or having connection/laptop issues, or some other very good excuse.

Some of the work you will find here was featured in the United Press anthology ‘Ten of the Best’, but all of it is original and belongs to me.  Plans are afoot for a collection of my own, which will be available some time in 2013.



3 responses to “Best Read First – About the Author

  1. Greetings,
    I followed you over from “I’m on the Bandwagon”. I find alot of good sites this way. I figure if we like the same blog; perhaps we will find value in each other’s as well. I read some of your rhymes and they are very good. I am somewhat of a non-practicing poet myself. It’s a long story but I used to write all the time. I think some of my stuff was pretty good. I would love to write more and maybe even get some of my old things out and try to ready them for publishing as well.
    I write a Political/Social blog in Maryland. I would like to do some more fun stuff, like poetry but everytime I sit down to write, it seems politics and corruption are all that comes off the end of my fingers right now. I am a supporter of the OWS movement and all related groups worldwide. I write alot of serious political philosophy but also some rather irreverent and pointed political humor. I hope you find time to visit and read a few things you find

    • That’s certainly a good way to find new blogs to enjoy, and it is often interesting what you stumble across. I’ve had a quick look at yours, but I think to do your discussions justice I need to sit and read properly rather than skim them.

      Pick up the pen again and give it a go!

  2. Disjointed, I have been missing your posts! You remind me so EXTREMELY much of myself at your stage in life. Your posts truly help me get back on touch with the “me” that was writing then! Please come back!

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