As Summer Fades

Things have taken a decidedly cool and soggy turn over the past week, and there were rumours of hail up the road from me, plus snow in Glencoe!  Autumn doesn’t start until the 21st, so if the weather would kindly remember that…  This is a pretty seasonal post, and I wanted to get it up before the season changed and I had to wait a year.  Part of my inspiration came from some comments I saw and heard about male opinions on female fashion outside of the summer months.  Let me know what you think below, and enjoy!


As Summer Fades
As summer begins to fade away,
And autumn time slowly draws near,
The fallen leaves start to appear.
As days cool, the hemlines begin to fall,
And necklines slowly start to rise,
Accompanied by disappointed male sighs.
As blue skies linger with a nip,
And the swifts and swallows congregate to go,
Thoughts turn to the likelihood of snow.
As the log fires once more are lit,
And the last barbeques consumed,
Jumpers from storage are swiftly exhumed.
As the hedgerows fill with fruits,
And greens turn to red and gold,
The summer fades and autumn takes hold.





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My Cat is a Proper Little Weirdo

I’m typing this up at the little weirdo in question is sat on my lap purring away.  Thankfully my laptop does a good impression of a knee top.  The other night I decided that it was probably time to do another cat related rhyme.  Afterall, I post these online, and the internet loves cats.  Right?  Everything I’ve rhymed here is true, there have been witnesses to some of it.  In case any one is interested, Clio is an 8yo ish rescued Ragdoll who has lived with me for nearly two years.

So please let me know what you think below and hope you enjoy!


My Cat is a Proper Little Weirdo
She doesn’t lap her water,
Like all the other cats you’d see.
Instead she scoops it with a paw,
And sips so daintily.
She doesn’t like getting splashed with even a drop,
But will wander out in to the rain.
And if she seems to have disappeared,
You can bet she’s in the shower tray yet again.
She let a loopy Spaniel hug her,
And shrugged at a madly barking Yorkie.
Chased an Alsatian-cross around the garden,
But is somewhat shy around the Husky.
As I’m sure you’ll now agree,
She’s a proper little weirdo.
And a snuggly, rumbly, cuddly fur ball,
Who will sometimes answer to Clio.
Who you calling a weirdo?

Who you calling a weirdo?

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Waiting on an Otter

I had this idea bouncing about in my mind for a few weeks before I managed to scribble it down.  Unfortunately, mid-way through the third verse, I realised that triplets were probably not my best idea, but I was too happy with the first verse to change it.  Actually, it was at the precise point I realised that I had to find something to rhyme with faded and jaded, which was not ‘play dead’.  Sometimes it’s good to challenge yourself.  Enjoy, and please let me know what you think below!


Waiting on an Otter
I went for a walk the other day,
Down a path where otters are said to play,
I looked as I went on my ambling way,
But I didn’t see any otters.
I decided a stakeout would be my best bet,
Sat as close to the river as I could get,
Without running the risk of getting wet,
But I didn’t see any otters.
I sat there as the daylight faded,
My enthusiasm now growing somewhat jaded,
Thankful that I was from the wind shaded,
And I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I sat and watched a grebe family swim by,
Listened to the pigeons and honking geese fly,
Watched as Saturn appeared in the sky,
And I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I sat and listened as the barn owls screeched,
The end of my endurance was almost reached,
As the night my body heat slowly leached,
And still not a sign of an otter.
Frozen and sleepy I gave up at last,
Realised that lunch was now in the distant past,
It seems the odds against me were vast,
So I still hadn’t seen any otters.
I took a roadtrip the very next day,
To visit some friends in old Pompey,
At the Aquarium we watched three otters at play,
I saw some at last, but they don’t count!




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If I Couldn’t See, I Should Miss (Reprise)

I’ve been rather remiss in posting new material, even though I have been penning some.  Probably because I tend to write new things on a Monday night during the music/poetry session I attend, and have forgotten about it by the weekend.  Sorry.  I will try to do better.

Some years ago at school, we had a week where we were learning about deafness and blindness and what it is like to have to live with that.  The assignment at the end of the week was to write a poem either titled ‘If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss’ or ‘If I Couldn’t Hear I Should Miss’.  I still have the poem I wrote for it, and posted it just over a year ago.  If you want to re-read it, it’s here.

For some time I’ve been toying with the idea of revisiting the assignment, and writing a revised version.  After all, I’m not the same person now that I was 18 years ago.  I tried to reflect the layout of my original piece, but I think there’s a bit more structure this time around.  So here’s the 2013 edition.  Please let me know what you think in the comments below, on Facebook, Twitter or by dropping me an e-mail.


If I Couldn’t See, I Should Miss (Reprise)
If I couldn’t see, I should miss:
Watching skylarks dance as they sing,
Though I could still hear their music,
And would never have to see another tear.
I should miss:
Watching meteor showers on a starry night,
Though I might gain the ears to hear them,
And clouds would never thwart me.
I should miss:
Watching joyful faces so animated,
Though I’d not see the scowls,
And never have to see pain.
I should miss:
The freedom of driving my car,
To watch the waves on the shore.


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Don’t Drive So Close to Me

Two weeks ago, I had my first proper car accident (we’re not counting the incident with the armchair, that was being hit by debris).  This lead to my first ride in an ambulance (a precaution, I’m fine) and various other things.  My little Honda almost got written off, but thankfully I have her back and repaired already.  It also lead to my first new poem in a few weeks, and first new post in just as long.  A certain Police song might pop in to your head as you read it, it was stuck in mine as I wrote it.  Enjoy!

Don’t Drive So Close to Me
Your lights are dazzling in my mirror,
Don’t drive so close to me.
Now I can read your number plate,
Don’t drive so close to me.
I’m not going to let you push me,
So don’t drive so close to me.
There’s a roundabout here, I’m slowing,
Don’t drive so close to me.
There’s another car coming round,
Don’t drive so close to me.
I have to stop, please see my brakes,
Don’t drive so close to me.
There’s a thud and a jolt,
You drove your car right in to me.
Here’s the police and an ambulance,
Because you drove too close to me.
So here I am being taken to A&E,
I said don’t drive so close to me.
My car is battered but yours hasn’t a scratch,
A Jazz and a Defender shouldn’t drive so closely.


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