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From Tiny Acorns

With this one, I can only pin it down to a year.  Usually I note the date down when I write something, but a lot of my earlier stuff I wasn’t so reliable about doing that with.   And I must confess something…most of the posts this week, I’ve actually been scheduling them and writing them in blocks.  Otherwise I’d forget.  So now you know the secret 😉


From Tiny Acorns
From tiny acorns,
Grow mighty oaks.
A drop of rain,
The vastest oceans.
A single sun,
Lights up the skies.
The note from a bird,
A sweet melody.
A little bud, 
A delicate lily.
The smallest disturbance,
A flurry of activity.
From tiny acorns,
Grow mighty oaks.
From our mums and dads,
Come you and me.

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