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Happy Second Birthday

Well, today marks the second birthday of Disjointed Rhymings.  So to celebrate, here’s a free ebook for you all – Disjointed Rhymings (a mini collection) which can be downloaded from here: http://www.foboko.com/ebook/7616/poetry/disjointed-rhymings


Here’s to the year ahead and we shall see what it holds.

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Double poem post today, a pair of very time appropriate pieces.  That is all, enjoy! 🙂


Tomorrow I turn twenty-one,
Tomorrow I hand in my essay.
Tomorrow I’m meeting Steveo for lunch,
By tomorrow tomorrow’s today.



Apparently today,
I’m officially old.
But I don’t feel that ancient,
Despite what I’ve been told.
Apparently today,
I’m officially mature.
Now I don’t know about that,
But I’ll try and act demure.
Apparently today,
I’m officially adult.
Now that I’ll agree with,
But now things are my fault.


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