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My Cat is a Proper Little Weirdo

I’m typing this up at the little weirdo in question is sat on my lap purring away.  Thankfully my laptop does a good impression of a knee top.  The other night I decided that it was probably time to do another cat related rhyme.  Afterall, I post these online, and the internet loves cats.  Right?  Everything I’ve rhymed here is true, there have been witnesses to some of it.  In case any one is interested, Clio is an 8yo ish rescued Ragdoll who has lived with me for nearly two years.

So please let me know what you think below and hope you enjoy!


My Cat is a Proper Little Weirdo
She doesn’t lap her water,
Like all the other cats you’d see.
Instead she scoops it with a paw,
And sips so daintily.
She doesn’t like getting splashed with even a drop,
But will wander out in to the rain.
And if she seems to have disappeared,
You can bet she’s in the shower tray yet again.
She let a loopy Spaniel hug her,
And shrugged at a madly barking Yorkie.
Chased an Alsatian-cross around the garden,
But is somewhat shy around the Husky.
As I’m sure you’ll now agree,
She’s a proper little weirdo.
And a snuggly, rumbly, cuddly fur ball,
Who will sometimes answer to Clio.
Who you calling a weirdo?

Who you calling a weirdo?


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Feline Fraud

I’m a rather chilled out and happy rhymer today, had a lovely (if misty) ten mile stroll today with my usual group, and then spent some time with a couple of friends I don’t get to see half as often as I used to or a tenth as often as I’d like.  In kitty news, Aurora is presently curled up right next to me and has been purring away and seeking fusses.  The reason this is news is that until today, she has spent most of her time tucked under wherever I chose to sit, and doesn’t tend to come up to seek a fuss, and would NEVER jump up on to wherever I was sitting, the only way was to go and fetch her.  I think I know why though…I had some lovely slow cooked stewing steak in gravy for my dinner.  Not that she got any!


Feline Fraud
Aurora’s in a cuddly mood,
And I think I’ve figured why.
She wants some of my lovely food,
I can’t blame her having a try.
But I’m not taken in at all,
Of not a drop will she partake.
I’ve figured out her feline fraud,
No fool of me she’ll make.
But lots of fusses I will share,
And tickles of the chin.
Whilst eating with my other hand,
And taking the fraudster in.

My blue mitted Ragdoll Aurora


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Kitty Soundtrack

I’ve been so busy working with my kitties trying to get their coats sorted and settle them, that I’ve not had much chance to write anything new when I have had a spare five minutes.   Toying with an idea as I type this post, we’ll see what happens…


Kitty Soundtrack
There’s a rumbling from across the room,
As Clio revs her purring.
She switches gear and adds a trill,
Along with a musical burbling.
Aurora’s tucked beneath my chair,
Whispering a tiny mew.
In shock and perhaps some small disgust,
At Clio just charging through.
A rattling from the litter tray,
Then the sound of claws on rug.
The rumble continues ever louder,
As Clio jumps up for a hug.
I dearly love my feline friends,
Their each and every quirk.
But the kitty soundtrack as I try and type,
Really distracts me from work!





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