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Of Writer’s Block

This post has been brought to you by writer’s block, and a lovely evening at an acoustic music session at The Old Anchor.  I quite often end up writing here…when I can that is! It’s not for a want of ideas I can assure you. Please let me know what you think and as always, enjoy!


Of Writer’s Block
I want to write of falconry,
And literary critique.
Of mystery cats with stumpy tails,
For ideas I need not seek.
I want to write of new friendships,
And limping down a mountain.
Of adventuring in foreign climes,
I’m a veritable idea fountain.
I wanted to write for the past year,
And would sit with pen in hand.
Of ideas I wasn’t lacking,
But they wouldn’t come out as planned.
I want to keep on writing,
And end this long hiatus.
Of writer’s block no one’s a fan,
It always conspires to frustrate us.

That last verse is being a pain still, but it’s so nice to get something down rather than have a hundred ideas and a hundred blank pages because they won’t transfer.



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The Practical Escalaphobe

So the other night I had the great joy of seeing Dave Gorman and Jay Foreman performing live in Newbury, and also meeting both gentlemen after their respective acts.  They were absolutely lovely, although I wound up slightly embarrassed as it turns out I have an enthusiastic ‘pick me, pick me’ (apparently) whoop.  Or at least that’s what was said when I gave my little cheer following the request for those with an irrational fear to give a cheer, and I had to then say what mine was, in front of around 150 people, being completely on my own (Thursday night is poker night for a lot of my friends, so they were there instead).

This got me thinking on an idea I’d had some time ago to write a poem about my very silly and completely irrational fear – escalaphobia.  No I didn’t make that up, it is a real word for a real phobia, and it involves escalators.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the British term, I’m talking about those staircases which move.  Now I’m pretty lucky as I only have a problem with the down side, up is no problem to me at all.  Unfortunately I have panic attacks when I do use them and pretty much stop breathing or being able to see.  You can imagine how ‘interesting’ trips around London are using the Underground.  But I don’t let it stop me, oh no…

The Practical Escalaphobe
I’m a practical escalaphobe,
Don’t let my terror stop me.
The panic and the fight for breath,
The inability to see.
I’m a practical escalaphobe,
I know my fear seems strange.
Up is fine but down is bad,
A fact I’ve tried to change.
I’m a practical escalaphobe,
And I haven’t passed out yet.
But my friends still get concerned,
Ready to catch me they always get.
I’m a practical escalaphobe,
Although I sometimes try too hard.
Like attempting the longest in Europe,
My nails, the handrail scared. 
I’m a practical escalaphobe,
And keep trying to use them I will.
Whether I must ride them down,
Or use them as stairs when they’re still.
16/02/2012 + 08/04/2012

If anyone is interested, I found this blog post on the subject Elevator World and a website on the subject Fear of Stuff – Escalators.


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One of Those Days

I actually wrote (and promptly lost) this one a couple of months ago, but it almost fitted yesterday too with my essentially wasted evening.  The short (Twitter) version is that for the past month since falling off my bike, my foot has done a rather good impression of being broken.  So I was persuaded to go to A&E to get it checked out, and after four hours, found out that it isn’t even cracked and they’ve no idea why it’s doing that.  Ah well.


All of the events in this piece are true, and happened on the day in question…enjoy!


One of Those Days
It’s just one of those days,
That swings from extreme to extreme.
From tragedy to triumph,
No pausing in between.
The weather isn’t helping much,
It’s having one of those days too.
From autumnal sun and clear blue skies,
To gales and rain that soaked me through.
Computers driving me up the wall,
The network’s scrambled, my hard disc fried.
On the plus side I’m being published,
A thought that makes me happy inside.

P.S.  I checked, it was a Tuesday, not a Friday 😉


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For a Brotherly Friend

My apologies for missing last week, I was returning from said field.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


This one I found whilst flicking through an old note book.  Nestled between rough scripts for radio shows, draft dissertation outlines and doodles.  It seems doubly apt considering a conversation I was having with a friend earlier, who is also one of my two chief suspects for having been the original inspiration behind this.  I only just titled it, and that may change, we’ll see.  Enjoy!


For a Brotherly Friend
They say that friends,
Are the family we choose.
Since you named me sister,
You’re one brother I’m loath to lose.
Now know the role of sister,
Is one in which I try my best.
To be there when you’re down,
And flip your frown with a jest.
But some times are too dark for flipancy,
And in making you smile I have failed.
Still I am here as an ear and a shoulder,
And see your hopeful nature’s prevailed.
Now listen to your sister’s words,
Don’t laugh just take it from me.
One day you will find someone,
Those other girls are just plain crazy.
I know you’ve done some things,
Which now you do regret.
Just promise me to forgive yourself,
Even if you don’t forget.
Now my big old brother dear,
I love you as a sister should.
Please remember you’re funny,
Kind, charming and most of all good.


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My Winter of Discontent

This one has taken a long time to be able to write, but I’m glad that I can at last.

My Winter of Discontent
I wish I could set free the tempest,
Unleash the storm of my mind,
Wash it all away.
Wash away the hurt and pain,
Purged with my emotional rain.
Cast out in the street like trash,
Exiled to an icy waste,
Surfing sofas and floors.
Traitor you cost me my home,
Left me isolated and alone.
My words got lost in a maelstrom of chaos,
When my mind broke and shattered,
Betrayed by a friend.
But the broken though fragile is mended,
And I just want this sad saga ended.


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