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Never blog when hungry, especially if you’re a disjointed rhymer archive trawling and stumble across an old one written in class (when hungry).  Naturally being hungry in class lead to as deep and meaningful a rhyme as ever.  Just to make it clear, the lecturer was reading out the slides that I had printed out on my lap, no adding to them or anything.  I was listening just in case.  Enjoy!


I’ve always found it funny,
How something so yum,
Yet over half hole,
Can fill this void in my tum.
So here I am in class,
And I’m absolutely famished.
If I don’t get some grub soon,
There’s a chance I’ll be vanished.
I can’t wait for some doughnuts,
Some sugar coated rings.
Or iced or filled with jam,
Or other delicious things.

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