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For a Brotherly Friend

My apologies for missing last week, I was returning from said field.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


This one I found whilst flicking through an old note book.  Nestled between rough scripts for radio shows, draft dissertation outlines and doodles.  It seems doubly apt considering a conversation I was having with a friend earlier, who is also one of my two chief suspects for having been the original inspiration behind this.  I only just titled it, and that may change, we’ll see.  Enjoy!


For a Brotherly Friend
They say that friends,
Are the family we choose.
Since you named me sister,
You’re one brother I’m loath to lose.
Now know the role of sister,
Is one in which I try my best.
To be there when you’re down,
And flip your frown with a jest.
But some times are too dark for flipancy,
And in making you smile I have failed.
Still I am here as an ear and a shoulder,
And see your hopeful nature’s prevailed.
Now listen to your sister’s words,
Don’t laugh just take it from me.
One day you will find someone,
Those other girls are just plain crazy.
I know you’ve done some things,
Which now you do regret.
Just promise me to forgive yourself,
Even if you don’t forget.
Now my big old brother dear,
I love you as a sister should.
Please remember you’re funny,
Kind, charming and most of all good.


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