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My Favourite Words

Twenty miles seemed like a good idea.  Rather, coming to the end of ten miles, doing a second hike with another friend seemed like a good idea, and that ended up being another ten miles.  However, having literally just returned from this hike, I’m now nursing some very sore legs and suspect I shall pay greatly for this tomorrow, and for the rest of the week.  I didn’t have anything prepared, and my black book has gone walk about.  Let’s see what happens…

My Favourite Words
Who says dictionaries are a bore,
When they’ve words like petrichor.
The smell of earth after rain.
Then there’re mendicants,
Beggars (with raggedy pants?)
In need of some change.
Flibbertigibbets you can’t count on,
They’re a flighty, unreliable person.
Flitting around as they please.
But the best of all is sleep,
Slumber so peaceful and deep.



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