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Nothing’s Going to Stop Us

I’ve not dared look how long it has been since I posted something new here.  Partly because that is also how long I’ve had writers block for, in spite of my best efforts to break it, partly because I know it has been far too long (and a friend told me off).


Recently two of my friends, Tom and Welsh Dave joined me in a trip to our usual stomping grounds for a walk following a bit of snow.  In light of the fact that other friends who lived nearer to there assured us that the roads were clear and it would be fine…let us just say it was slightly more challenging than usual.  But we didn’t give up!  No challenge that we faced beat us.  Choosing to skip one of our diversions on the ground that it would be too dangerous doesn’t count as a failure as we’d agreed in advance that we’d skip that part.  In advance being once we got to the car park… This poem was finally set to paper at the open mic night I attended, mostly because the other poet present had forgotten all of their work and so was writing something new and I felt that it was only fitting I do something new too.


Anyway, enjoy and I shall try my best to keep the scribblings coming!


Nothing’s Going to Stop Us
Nothing’s going to stop us,
We’ve made it here through floods and slush,
Though the car had to be pushed in to place.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
The (almost) mountain we must ascend,
Along paths buried in snow and molehills.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Not even my shoe splitting after a mile,
Just bandage it up and press ever on.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Though we may skip some extras,
Leave the track up the valley wall undisturbed.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Even when the river replaces the path,
We’ll just find a way around or through.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
But the lack of tea gave us pause,
The tearooms are shuttered already.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Now we must face it all again,
To return down the vale to our homes.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
The path has vanished ‘neath the floods,
And the mountain stands beside it.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
A sheer rock face we’ll traverse,
Clinging to the mud, roots and grass.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Even a slip in to snow melt,
Pressing on towards our goal.
Nothing at all stopped us,
Floods, snow, mud, slush or downpours,
We made it all the way.


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The Day I Crashed the Quad

I’m back, with an extra long poem to make up for my appalling lack of updates.  So I finished the last two verses of this one off between sharing my first poem, and then sharing this one at the brilliant open mic I go to on a Monday night.  If you’re ever in Abingdon, the Old Anchor Inn features some very talented and enthusiastic musicians from about 8.30pm.  There are two very different poets present most weeks as well.


This is a true story, and made a few people laugh when I shared it on Monday.  Enjoy!


The Day I Crashed the Quad
New friends at the bottom of the garden,
A lucky lass had her own wee quad bike.
Riding around with her dad as we chatted,
I was offered a go if I’d like.
A quick lesson before I set off,
Having never been on one before.
We learned I wasn’t too bad,
Circling the paddock with two wheels off the floor.
After a few minutes I stopped,
Let the owner play with her toy.
Power restricted, dad with killswitch remote,
‘Round the paddock she rode with joy.
My turn again but full powered,
Killswitch still in my friend’s hand.
With no restrictions I went a bit faster,
And was off the route that I’d planned.
Ahead of me a tree I saw,
And tried to ride around.
I pulled it off but dead ahead,
In my way a car I found.
Upon two wheels I pulled it wide,
And missed it by a hair.
Only to find on my new course,
A giant buddleia was there.
No time to slow or change my course,
In to it’s branches I crashed.
We parted ways the quad and I,
I flew backwards and to earth I smashed.
Expecting a hospital visit at least,
My friend to check up on me hurried.
But I was up, scratched and shaken,
So they really needn’t have worried.
The quad had flipped three whole times,
And I felt terrible for what I had done.
But just a light cover had come off,
Which did relieve my guilt some.
Satisfied I was still intact,
They offered me some whiskey.
But they only had some Kenyan,
So I opted for a mug of tea.
For all that I’d cut her play short,
The young owner’s awe she did confide.
“Did you see she didn’t cry Daddy?
If I’d fallen like that I’d have cried!”

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Keep in Touch?

I really need to start remembering to schedule posts for when I’m not going to be at a computer.  This Sunday heard me killing a few songs at the karaoke with friends, so my apologies to Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Owl City.  It was a fun night though, and has been quite a while since I last did any.  Which is why I’m posting during my lunch break today.


A friend has suggested that I start recording videos of me reading my work, and post it on to YouTube.  Does anyone think they would watch them, and do you have any pieces you particularly would like me to do?  I’m hoping to get some recorded and uploaded in the near future.  It will, at least in part, depend on the video quality my camera gives.  This could be interesting.


Today’s poem is another from the archives, I have a few new ones I’m working on at the moment, but none that I’ve been able to finish.  Mostly they’re fragments and patterns scribbled in varies notebooks.  The idea is there, and I know how and where I want it to go, but what’s in my head isn’t translating to paper too well.  More writer’s stutter than writer’s block.  This one was a bit of a grumble at a friend who would always say that we needed to keep in touch every time I saw them, but was even worse than I am for actually responding to messages.  Hope you enjoy it.


Keep in Touch?
It’d only take a minute,
To send a little note.
Saying ‘hey, I’m sorry, been busy’,
Don’t I get one minute?
You said we had to keep in touch,
I took the time.
Saying ‘hey, how’s things, been working’,
Did I waste my minutes?
Maybe I’ll waste some more tonight,
Give you a call,
Check you’re alright.



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Just a short bit of rambling today as I’m about to watch 9 (free Netflix for a month – watch all the movies!).  My Disjointed Rhymings business cards arrived on Friday which was quite exciting.  Even more exciting was getting back in touch with an old school friend after seven years (which may not seem all that long, but is almost a third of my life…which I only just worked out and is a rather scary thought).


Today’s poem seems to be particularly effective with 100% of those* who had read it before posting finding that it helped them with their confidence when faced with having to speak in public.  Enjoy!


Confidence is an illusion,
Drawn about like a cloak.
Hiding insecurities,
In its enveloping smoke.
When anxieties threaten,
Pull yourself up tall.
So no one can see,
Your nervousness at all.
Even those brave souls,
Who seem to need no disguise.
May still be fooling,
The outsiders’ eyes.





*2 out of 2 people


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I Told You So!

I have literally just gotten home from a cold, wet, windy but brilliant day out watching the opening of the EMRA 2012 season.  Why did I endure the freezing late winter conditions to watch some maniacs whizzing around on motorbikes for most of the day?  Because a long time and very good friend of mine was also starting his first proper season there.  Pretty sure he had the biggest entourage of the day, especially amongst the non-professionals, with ten of us hanging round the ‘garage’ (awning) all day.  The conditions were appalling, but that wasn’t too bad as he’s pretty good in the wet.  Unfortunately they improved for his last race and the track started to dry out.  But a 7th and a 4th in his two class races, plus an 8th in the Novice race isn’t too bad going, and a lot better than what he thought he’d get.  I did tell him so!


I Told You So!
I told you so,
That you’d do well.
Now enjoy your results,
And upon your success dwell.
I told you so,
You’d not be last.
You have the skill,
And you’ve always been fast.
I told you so,
You’d get round okay.
Though sometimes we worried,
Like when you didn’t return right away!


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