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Bit of a suprise earlier, went to clean my MALE Roborovski hamsters out, and found one of them had had babies!  Been rushing around like a mad thing fashioning an impromptu cage for the male males and trying not to disturb ‘mum’ too much in between having a declutter ahead of getting cats on the 21st.  In doing so, I stumbled across a book I’d made for my grandparents some time ago.  It contained a half dozen rhymes I would have other wise lost, and the best I can date it to is pre-2000, probably actually pre-1998.  All I shall say is they are pre/very early teen works.

This one is one of those ‘lost’ rhymes, although I did manage to get it published in an anthology once as a 13/14ish year old.  Enjoy!

I wander each street,
Looking for something to eat.
‘Tis a very rare treat,
For me to have meat.
I rummage through the tins,
As in hunt in each bin.
I hunt out your scraps,
Moving old mats.
I’m homeless,
I rumage in bins,
To keep myself alive.


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My Winter of Discontent

This one has taken a long time to be able to write, but I’m glad that I can at last.

My Winter of Discontent
I wish I could set free the tempest,
Unleash the storm of my mind,
Wash it all away.
Wash away the hurt and pain,
Purged with my emotional rain.
Cast out in the street like trash,
Exiled to an icy waste,
Surfing sofas and floors.
Traitor you cost me my home,
Left me isolated and alone.
My words got lost in a maelstrom of chaos,
When my mind broke and shattered,
Betrayed by a friend.
But the broken though fragile is mended,
And I just want this sad saga ended.


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