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Hello world!

I must admit, I liked the title of the default introductory post, so I’ve left that.  The rest of this is all me though.


Yes this is ‘yet another blog’ to join all those other blogs clogging up the interwebs.  But this blog actually has a purpose, it has a goal, and I hope it will bring a little smile to your Monday mornings.


Why Disjointed Rhymings?  Because it made me smile, no one else had used it either here or on my dedicated e-mail address just for this site: disjointed rhymings at gmail dot com (take out the spaces and substitute appropriate punctuation), and it sums my work up pretty well.  Not even in the works of the varied legend that is Robbie Burns will you find classroom daydreaming of doughnuts rubbing shoulders with emotional outpourings about situations in life alongside a tweenage poetic description of the water cycle.


So here’s the deal, every Sunday night (unless I’m in the middle of a field or something) I will share one of my random little rhymes with you.  I chose Sunday night because that way you have something when you log in at work on Monday morning.  Also, Sundays I have the time to spend attempting to come up with something half way worthwhile to post.  Your part is to just wander along when you wish to, and read.  Commenting, feedback, suggestions, requests, offers of money are all optional but welcomed.


I may even make bonus posts through the week as I feel like it.  Aren’t you lucky  😉





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