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February Challenge – Daily Life

I know I missed Sunday, I was on a poetry ban.  One of my friends really really doesn’t like poetry and was coming over for what was originally to be a Burns night, but then all poetry was banned, and then the Scottish food was banned, so it was more a steak pie and movie night.

So this month, my challenge was  ‘ to write a poem about daily life! ‘.  I must admit, initially I was a bit stumped, then I was thinking along the lines of “but most of my work is about my daily life, things I see/hear/do”.  And then this happened…

Daily Life
Daily life is anything but,
Even if your life’s a routine.
For absurdity will always intrude,
And randomness intervene.
The regular can be transformed,
By something heard or seen.
For daily life isn’t just what you do,
But the little adventures in between.

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January Challenge – Limerick

Well for this month I was set the challenge of writing a limerick.  Which sounds really easy until you get all the ones you’ve heard in the past stuck in your head…  This was the best I could come up with:


There once was a lass from Skye,
Who declared that she could fly.
So shunning the boat,
Through the sky did she float.
To a landing far from dry.


I didn’t say it was a good limerick…


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December Challenge – ABC poem

NymmyB has set me another challenge (actually she set it 13 days ago), this time an ABC poem.  According to the link she sent me (http://www.types-of-poetry.org.uk/01-abc-poem.htm) it is a poem which has a series of lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines are made up of words and phrases. The first word of line 1 begins with an A, the first word of line 2 begins with a B etc.  Since the example given also didn’t rhyme, I’m going to make the assumption that it doesn’t need to.


Here goes…


December Challenge – ABC poem
Another challenge has,
Been set.
Could be the most random yet.
Don’t know the style,
Except for the,
Fact that each line is alphabetical.
Got no restrictions on,
How long,
I must continue.
Just going to,
Keep rambling until I feel,
Like giving up.
Monthly challenges making me think,
Not always a good thing!
Oh well, I live and learn,
Practising my art.
Quite possibly I’m doing this wrong,
Re-writing is in order?
Someone please just let me know,
To what degree I have succeeded.
Until you do I shall remain,
Versily and stylistically ignorant.
Well having got this far I shall press on,
X marks the trickiest line.
Yet here at last I end my A to


In other news, I’ve found homes for 13 copies of ‘Ten of the Best’, if you would like one, let me know.  There are ten poets represented, nine of whom I’m making the assumption are really very good.  The tenth seems to have been on their reserve list for if one of the original ten pulled out, that or was extremely lucky when the tenth place was allocated.  That’s my theory for how I got in anyway.


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November Challenge – Blank Verse

I came up with the idea of a monthly challenge between my friend over at nymmyb, as I put it to her it would be a monthly poetry challenge.  Essentially, as close to the start of the month as possible, we’ll set eachother a challenge related to poetry.  It could be to write a poem on a certain theme, to write a poem in a certain style/rhyme scheme such as a haiku or a sonnet, or some combination of the two.  We would then each have to do a blog post some time that month which was our attempt at the challenge.

My challenge to her was Scottish stanza: “AAABAB”, as used by Robert Burns in works such as “To a Mouse” (according to Wikipedia) and she duly posted a response here : http://nymmyb.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/the-challenge-no-1/

In return, I was challenged to write in ‘blank verse’, which according to Wiki is poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter.  Now iambic pentameter is something I have never knowingly used, so I certainly found it a challenge, but this is what I came up with…


November Challenge – Blank Verse
NymmyB has been rather mean to me,
With her November challenge of blank verse.
Iambic pentameter is quite hard,
Managed to get ten syllables per line,
But not sure I got the soft-hard quite right.
Well at least blank verse does not need to rhyme!


My respect for Shakespeare, Marlowe etc has increased immensely since they used this form so much.  Definately a skill to work on in the future!


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