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Motorbike Music

Before this post prompts a message from my parents reminding me that I’m not having a motorbike, I’m only saying that I like them and really enjoy going out on the back of one.  I have a very lovely friend that sometimes lets me ride pillion, and I know some people say that doesn’t count, but it’s better than not at all.  Also, I’ve been told for a petrol-head  I don’t do nearly enough rhymes about cars and bikes, so here you go, enjoy!


Motorbike Music
Leather clad from neck to toe,
Helmet just lets my face show,
Swing on my seat and off we go.
I feel like I could fly,
Watching the world flash by,
Nothing ‘twixt the sky and I.
Hear the engine roar in harmony,
Part of the bikers’ comradery,
There’s no place I’d rather be.
Motorbike music sings in my veins,
Something about them pleases my brain,
Can’t wait ’til I can ride again.


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I Told You So!

I have literally just gotten home from a cold, wet, windy but brilliant day out watching the opening of the EMRA 2012 season.  Why did I endure the freezing late winter conditions to watch some maniacs whizzing around on motorbikes for most of the day?  Because a long time and very good friend of mine was also starting his first proper season there.  Pretty sure he had the biggest entourage of the day, especially amongst the non-professionals, with ten of us hanging round the ‘garage’ (awning) all day.  The conditions were appalling, but that wasn’t too bad as he’s pretty good in the wet.  Unfortunately they improved for his last race and the track started to dry out.  But a 7th and a 4th in his two class races, plus an 8th in the Novice race isn’t too bad going, and a lot better than what he thought he’d get.  I did tell him so!


I Told You So!
I told you so,
That you’d do well.
Now enjoy your results,
And upon your success dwell.
I told you so,
You’d not be last.
You have the skill,
And you’ve always been fast.
I told you so,
You’d get round okay.
Though sometimes we worried,
Like when you didn’t return right away!


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Marco Simoncelli

Sorry for missing last Wednesday, I was having laptop purchase trouble and no internet access being away from home.  On the plus side, Roberta has raised at least two of her pups successfully (saw them today), and my two beautiful cats that I got on Friday are settling in nicely.  Clio is actually curled up by my feet dozing as I type, and Aurora (Aura) has just wandered off.  On the not so brilliant side, my three male Robbies, are actually two males and a female, as I discovered when I had a peek this morning.  On the thoroughly saddening side of life, Marco Simoncelli, MotoGP rider tragically died in an accident during a race today.


Marco Simoncelli
I wonder what your thoughts were,
As you lined up on the grid.
Were you thinking of the podium,
Or unhappy with your lid?
So talented and brilliant,
With your trademark wild hair.
You really were a joy to watch,
Pushing to get up there.
No doubt there will be debates,
New rules to prevent a repeat.
But one thing we must remember,
You knew the risks when you chose to compete.
So many times you fell before,
But never ending so tragically.
Our thoughts are with your family,
Simoncelli R.I.P.


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