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I’m Back!

At least I hope I am, conquered poetic writer’s block today for the first time in very nearly 14 months.  I shall try to keep the ink flowing to let the ideas I’ve been saving up get out.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to do some flying with some Harris Hawks, who aren’t always in too much of a hurry to come back to your glove if they’ve found a nice perch and something interesting is going on in the next field.  So whilst pondering those times, I got a couple of lines stuck in my head, and the rest followed (with poetic licence) on once I found a pen.  Since he was the one I saw being a bit reluctant today, I’m naming this in honour of Harry the Harris Hawk (aka Nobby).  Please let me know what you think below.  Enjoy!


My heart beats fast,
With my hand outstretched,
Hoping he will come to me.
He looks away,
Turn turns his back,
And steadfastly ignores me.
I call his name,
Take one step closer,
Hoping he won’t simply leave me.
He looks around,
I call once more,
He makes a move towards me.
I reach out my hand further,
He spreads his wings,
And finally flies back to me.
Now he sits fed-up,
As I tuck in his jesses,
Safely under my thumb once more.


Some Harris Hawks enjoying the afternoon sunshine (even grumpy at the front)

Some beautiful Harris Hawks enjoying the afternoon sunshine (even grumpy at the front)


If you’d like the opportunity to experience flying with a Harris Hawk, or getting to meet and handle some stunning birds of prey, then I personally recommend Wheatley Birds of Prey.  They really look after the birds there, charge a very fair price compared with some hawk walks I’ve seen, and Clive & Jayne are two very lovely people who really know the birds they care for.


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Sunrise Flight

I recently had the opportunity to go to California for a couple of weeks, and for various reasons, the best flight for me going over there left from Birmingham, UK at 6.25am.  Which meant I had to be at the airport for 3.25am, the airport being about 80 miles away from me, and the trains only ran until about 11pm before resuming at 5am.  Thankfully a couple of very kind-hearted, thoughtful and generous friends decided my airport sleeping idea was a silly one and arranged a hotel room for me.  Unfortunately, I was paranoid that I wouldn’t wake up in time for my flight.  You can see where this is going.

So it was a very tired (I’d been up since 5am Tuesday, the flight was on the Wednesday) and nervously excited (I LOVE planes, flying, and adventures) poet who got on the dinky little Embraer 195 that morning.  Being a small aircraft, and only an hour-long hop to Paris, there was no in-flight entertainment.  I’d thought ahead and had my notebook in my hand luggage so I could doodle ideas and maybe come up with some rhymes.

So whilst travelling at 500 mph, about 5,000ft above the ground, having not yet had any tea (!), this happened.  Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Sunrise Flight
We step aboard in the cold and dark,
Strapped in our seats in this metal tube,
For some this is far from a walk in the park.
There’s silence then the engines thrum,
Pushing us back in to our seats,
The take-off flip-flops in my tum.
The city sprawls out far below,
Roads ribboning through the land,
Street lights bathe it in an orange glow.
Then the clouds close and intervene,
Enveloped in a world of grey,
A curtain for unveiling the next scene.
We emerge in a new land,
Like a snowfield in the fells,
So serenely beautiful and grand.
The clouds form hills and valleys deep,
And as the sun rises like burning amber,
Sure fiery beauty almost makes me weep.

I forgot to snap Birmingham, so here’s my snap of LA instead. Same adventure at least

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The Woods in Winter

There’s a lovely old beech wood a few miles from where I live, which contains one of my favourite local roads to drive on, as well as one of my favourite places to go and sit.   This Saturday I was driving through them and admiring the beauty that surrounded me as the snow fell and created quite the scene.  I’ll have to come back and polish this one up one day, or completely rewrite it.  We’ll see.


The Woods in Winter
The road winds on up the hill,
A shinning wet ribbon of black,
Snow melts as it lands on the tarmac.
Further in lie flashes of copper,
Where last year’s leaves form a carpet,
On the verge mud makes them darken to garnet.
Pure white sky overhead,
Into which snowy branches reach,
Supported by great grey pillars of beech.


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Nature Song

It has been a busy old weekend, complicated by the snow.  If you heard about the jams on the M40 in the UK on Saturday night, I was stuck in that for an hour with a few close calls when other drivers were generally numptyish about driving in snow.  I shall restrain my grizzling to that.


Having seen the snowdrops and celandine coming in to bloom this week at work, I was going to post one I’d written last year about them, but I can’t find it.  I KNOW it’s around here somewhere as I saw it the other day, but put it in my drawer of paperwork…somewhere among the payslips and utility bills it is hiding.  So instead I’ve a random little one I was probably listening to Dierks Bentley, or had his song ‘Come a Little Closer’ stuck in my head.  Enjoy!


Nature Song
Come a little closer,
Listen to my song.
I’ll sing of my love for the rain,
For seasons which don’t stay the same.
Of the joy of birds in flight,
The diamond-studded moonlit night.
The voice of branches in the breeze,
Of skipping through autumn’s leaves.
Of the rivers’ stately glide,
In to which the otters slide.
Of lilac orchids in the meadow,
The skies above and earth below.
Of the world in which we live,
With so much joy to give.
June 2011 (ish)



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