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The Great Fjords of Norway


Once again I am hugely grateful to the Poets Rally for my Perfect Poet Award, my fellow winners can be found here (http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/2012/01/perfect-poets-award-week-60.html) and are well worth reading.  I’m nominating Cloaked Monk (http://cloakedmonk.com/2012/01/11/choi/) for the award.


This post I’m going back in the archives to revive one that has only survived because I at some point felt the need to inflict my grandparents in Scotland with a handmade book containing some of my rhymes.  I have since been to Norway, and found the part I was in a lot greener than my reading of Roald Dahl’s ‘Boy’ had lead me to imagine.  Although I was probably in a different part.  Unusually for pre-15 year old me, I haven’t rhymed it.


The Great Fjords of Norway
The waves lap the shores,
Of the great fjords of Norway.
Towering island peaks,
Above the icy deeps.
Mainly barren earth and rocks,
Make the land almost unfarmable.
Springy vegetation here and there,
Provides grazing for Fjord ponies.
The great fjords of Norway,
Rocky island peaks,
Above cold icy deeps.
Pre 2001

At some point this year I shall get back into my posting routine.  I really shall!



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