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Rains of Coniston

Appolgies for not having something new up last night, I was literally in a field.  Okay, actually a couple (ten) of us had popped in to the local town for a couple of pints of the local brew, but other than that, I was in a field.  There is a reason, I’m camping =D


Rains of Coniston
The Lakes have to get here somehow,
The reason drips from every bough.
Coniston rains are falling once more,
And we’re soaked in every pore.
Our towels can’t dry because there’s no sun,
Yet no rain or drizzle can spoil our fun.
We’ll all look so glam in our wellies,
A bunch of rain-soaked, camping nellies.


It is raining, has been drizzling since this morning.   Less than a week left 😦




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My Favourite Words

Twenty miles seemed like a good idea.  Rather, coming to the end of ten miles, doing a second hike with another friend seemed like a good idea, and that ended up being another ten miles.  However, having literally just returned from this hike, I’m now nursing some very sore legs and suspect I shall pay greatly for this tomorrow, and for the rest of the week.  I didn’t have anything prepared, and my black book has gone walk about.  Let’s see what happens…

My Favourite Words
Who says dictionaries are a bore,
When they’ve words like petrichor.
The smell of earth after rain.
Then there’re mendicants,
Beggars (with raggedy pants?)
In need of some change.
Flibbertigibbets you can’t count on,
They’re a flighty, unreliable person.
Flitting around as they please.
But the best of all is sleep,
Slumber so peaceful and deep.



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