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All Girls Dream of Ponies

I’ve been mulling this idea over for some time (at least two years).  As my parents can testify, I was one of those little girls who every year would ask for riding lessons/a pony for my birthday.  I had umpteen horses of the toy and imaginary variety when I was little, and still really really want riding lessons.  Most of my peers were also in to horses when they were little, and various friends have little girls, who also quite like the idea of having a pony.  I got the title stuck in my head one day whilst driving, and have been worrying away at it ever since.

Please, as always, let me know what you think.  I’ll promise to try and learn from your feedback to bring you what you’ll enjoy.

All Girls Dream of Ponies
As a child I dreamt of a pony,
A valiant companion of my own.
Though many years have now passed,
That’s one dream I’ve still not out grown.
My pony would be something special,
A stallion wild and free.
Intelligent, fearless and powerful,
No one could tame him but me.
I grew older and my dream grew too,
Now a horse was my heart’s desire.
Or at least some riding lessons,
Start small and work my way higher.
Time moved on as did my dream,
Then came lessons and seeking a steed.
As soon as I saw her at the dealers,
To search further there was no need.
But I didn’t choose her, she chose me,
Like my very own Bumblebee.
Only we hadn’t just bought a horse,
But rather somewhere around thirty.
Shod in rubber and metallic of coat,
My first car, a Corsa type B.
No wild stallion for me,
She was more of a solid plodder.
But she was mine and we were free,
Well, so long as mum didn’t need her.
We toured the country up and down,
Even a little left to right.
Adventures we had along the way,
Both by day and night.
Road trips were made,
And mountains crossed.
New routes discovered,
But we were never lost.
But all things must come to an end,
My dear Bumblebee was ailing.
The final straw came whilst cornering,
And with the clutch cable failing.
A difficult call I had to make,
Replacing her that very same day.
The next day saw the end of the era,
When scrap-man came to take her away.
From a Bumblebee I had progressed,
To my very own blue TARDIS.
But through her ran eighty horses,
Not the time vortex and Idris.
New lands we went to with new friends,
And new adventures did we have there.
But my equine dream has still not gone,
When driving the two I often compare.
My TARDIS is a lovely car,
And my right foot enjoys having power.
She’s almost big enough to live in,
Just not sure where you’d fit a shower.
But I still dream of my wild stallion,
Even know what his name will be.
Glossy black with a splash of red,
My Honda Civic, Type R GT.

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Roborovski Fourteen

The Robbies kept on multiplying, and we got up to fourteen little dears at one point.  Sadly I’m down to twelve now as one male was killed by the other boys he was in with (uncles/dad and brothers) and today little Pipsqueak had to be put to sleep.  She had always been a bit wobbly and was the littlest of them all, even now she was half the size of her litter-mates at just an inch long.  Following a little adventure she had last week, she had been getting worse with her balance and struggles to right herself when she fell over.  Today she started having fits, as well as generally being unresponsive and lethargic, so the sad decision was made that it was better for her to have a quick and humane death rather than let her linger and waste away.  So at some point there will be a third Roborovski rhyme, but for now, I hope you enjoy the second.


And since writing this, they have all been split out appropriately.  In six months I shall know for sure how successful I have been, it takes until 4-5 months for them to be fully mature, and a one month gestation period.  Allowing a bit of extra time for late developers/mishaps.


Roborovski Fourteen
My Roborovski five,
Had multiplied by three,
But only fourteen now survive,
Since Aurora caught Houdini.


She licked his fur all over,
And treated him like a kitten.
But released him upon my request,
Shaken but thankfully unbitten.


Sadly he was too used to freedom,
And his soaking didn’t help either.
Two days later I awoke to find,
Poor Houdini was no longer a breather.


But his family are thriving,
The new babies have begun to explore.
Soon I will try to split girl from boy,
Hope that I don’t get any more!

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Feline Fraud

I’m a rather chilled out and happy rhymer today, had a lovely (if misty) ten mile stroll today with my usual group, and then spent some time with a couple of friends I don’t get to see half as often as I used to or a tenth as often as I’d like.  In kitty news, Aurora is presently curled up right next to me and has been purring away and seeking fusses.  The reason this is news is that until today, she has spent most of her time tucked under wherever I chose to sit, and doesn’t tend to come up to seek a fuss, and would NEVER jump up on to wherever I was sitting, the only way was to go and fetch her.  I think I know why though…I had some lovely slow cooked stewing steak in gravy for my dinner.  Not that she got any!


Feline Fraud
Aurora’s in a cuddly mood,
And I think I’ve figured why.
She wants some of my lovely food,
I can’t blame her having a try.
But I’m not taken in at all,
Of not a drop will she partake.
I’ve figured out her feline fraud,
No fool of me she’ll make.
But lots of fusses I will share,
And tickles of the chin.
Whilst eating with my other hand,
And taking the fraudster in.

My blue mitted Ragdoll Aurora


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Tales of Tribble: Part one – Arrival

Firstly, I have a friend’s blog to promote.  A young poet just starting out, go have a look and leave some feedback – nymmyb

Secondly, this is the first part in a very long (planning seven parts) poem I’m working on.  It may well class as a saga when I’m done.  Having told a few friends what my hamster Tribble is like, they want a book.  This shall have to suffice for them!  In other hamster-related news, Roberta’s triplets had their first cuddles today and I *think* they are all girls, but they’re still very small and so it’s difficult to tell.  Bobbie’s baby is now a week old and doing well, the fate of the two boys is up for debate, I don’t really have space for another cage to keep them.  A suitable home is being worked out.

Anyway, to rhyming!  Enjoy!

Tales of Tribble: Part one – Arrival
One day in March twen-ten,
A Syrian hamster mum gave birth.
Within her litter would be found,
The craziest hamster on earth.
An albino is already special,
Imperfect long-hair on top of that.
And this little tale is the story of how,
He came to live at my flat.
Not only did he look quite odd,
He had an attitude to match.
Belligerent, aggressive and loud,
As he defended himself and his patch.
The pet shop wondered what to do,
His ever leaving was despaired of.
No child could they sell him to,
Else their fingers he would bite off.
He has some behavioural issues,
My friend warned me at the pub one night.
In due time I went to meet this ‘Gnosher’,
And logic didn’t put up a fight.
That very day I took him home,
My birthday present from me to me.
Named him Tribble and got to work,
With no idea how unique he would be.

Looking all sweet and innocent


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Kitty Soundtrack

I’ve been so busy working with my kitties trying to get their coats sorted and settle them, that I’ve not had much chance to write anything new when I have had a spare five minutes.   Toying with an idea as I type this post, we’ll see what happens…


Kitty Soundtrack
There’s a rumbling from across the room,
As Clio revs her purring.
She switches gear and adds a trill,
Along with a musical burbling.
Aurora’s tucked beneath my chair,
Whispering a tiny mew.
In shock and perhaps some small disgust,
At Clio just charging through.
A rattling from the litter tray,
Then the sound of claws on rug.
The rumble continues ever louder,
As Clio jumps up for a hug.
I dearly love my feline friends,
Their each and every quirk.
But the kitty soundtrack as I try and type,
Really distracts me from work!





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