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If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss…

I’m amazed and honoured to have been offered this, and thought that this would be a good opportunity to share the oldest poem of mine which I presently have on record.  I know there is an older one kicking about, but that may have been consigned to the bin.

This was written for an assignment at school.  In year 3 (age 7/8) we had a week where we were learning about deafness and blindness and what it is like to have to live with that.  The assignment was to write a poem either titled ‘If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss’ or ‘If I Couldn’t Hear I Should Miss’.   Enjoy!


If I Couldn’t See I Should Miss:
The sight of lovely birds,
Flying so graceful and free.
The sight of close relatives,
And friends so dear to me.
I should miss:
Bright colourful pictures,
Of my story books.
The beautiful butterflies,
Flittering and fluttering.
I should miss:
Playing with my friends,
For I couldn’t see them to join in.
The sight of birthday presents,
And cake on my birthday.
I should miss:
Going and watching the waves,
Crashing and tumbling on to the shore.


I also hereby nominate lizzimills




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