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It’s Finally Here!

So yesterday was the 1st birthday of Disjointed Rhymings as a site, and I also had a red card from Royal Mail, letting me know that I had a package to pick up.  There was only one thing I could think of that could possibly be arriving, although I was trying to think if there was any reason for anyone to be sending me a random package.  Turns out, my first thought was right.  Ten of the Best, the anthology I have been waiting for since December, is now at the printer’s, and my advance copies have arrived 😀  Having read some of the other work featured in there, I’m even more amazed how I got in.


If you would like a copy, and haven’t already booked one with me (I’m all out), the ISBN is 978-0-85781-232-2 and the publisher is United Press.  In theory, you should be able to order a copy from any book shop using that information.  The other poets featured are: David Greaney, Janet Falade, Peter Young, Leighton McDonald, Philip Lemon, Ron Rogers, Zoiyar Cole, Jan Pearson and David A Smith.  I haven’t found websites for any of them yet, but if I do I will share.  Or if you know of their sites/work, please comment below so we can all enjoy.


Also, here’s a picture…




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Ten of the Best

So last Sunday I explained about my very good excuse why I wasn’t posting a poem.  The meeting duly occurred on the Tuesday, and Wednesday lunch time I had a message telling me that they were having a tough time whittling down the entries to just ten, but if I was successful they would let me know.  If I wasn’t, thanks for submitting.  Not everyone who had submitted got this e-mail, so I figured they’d done it in rounds and that I’d passed round one and so been told, and that those that hadn’t passed round one hadn’t heard anything.  On the Thursday, I heard from one person that they had received their acceptance later on that Wednesday.  For a couple of hours I wobbled between ‘well they’ve picked their ten, I’m not in’ and ‘they’ve picked some and are struggling for the last couple, there’s still a chance’.  Eventually I went with the ‘I didn’t make it’ theory.


I was wrong.  Today I got the e-mail telling me that I had been successful 🙂  At the moment I’m hoping between ‘yay I did it’ and ‘I was probably a reserve and someone pulled out’.  Either way, I’m in.  This is my most significant publishing to date, so I’m pretty happy about it 🙂


So early next year, Ten of the Best will go to print, and as a contributing poet, I will have twenty copies to distribute.  Some of these have already found homes (my library, Mum & Dad, a couple for very good friends of mine), but I will have between ten and fifteen copies available to buy (£10 + postage).  I will even scribble in them if you want me to. If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll allocate them on a first come, first served basis.  Postage I will work out as soon as I know weights etc at present I know nothing.


Alternatively, once I have the ISBN I will post it and you can order a copy through your local bookstore, or ask your local library to stock it.


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A very very good excuse…honest!

Good evening!  Or morning/afternoon/night depending where in the world you are.  I probably won’t be able to post a poem tonight, but one will probably go up tomorrow (Monday) instead to make up for it.  The simple reason is part one of my poetic plot.  A couple of weeks ago I was invited to contribute to a book United Press are producing called ‘Ten of the Best’, ten poets, twenty pages each.  Now I know they will more than likely have invited far more than then poets to contribute to this, and then select the ten from those that respond.  However, this means 200-600 lines of poetry to them by tomorrow.  As I’m not 100% sure if they count blogged poems as having been sent to another publisher or not, I’m coming up with 200 totally new lines, and adding in some blog favourites.  Since I hadn’t realised how close the deadline was when I got the invite a couple of weeks ago, I’m in need of quite a few more lines so will spend tonight scribbling those and sending them off this evening so they’re on their desk for first thing tomorrow.


Wish me luck and thank you for the support I’ve had so far from those I’ve told!


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The River’s Way

It was quite a challenge to choose which of my rhymes to post first, I resorted to flicking through my little black book until I settled on one.  This poem was written when I was about 10/11 years old, and in 1998  it was actually published in an anthology, and again a couple of years later.  I think we’d been doing something on the water cycle that week at school, but I do remember writing it.  I was supposed to be doing something else, but was rather bored and this was the result:

The River’s Way
Splish, splash,
The rain splashes on the mountainside,
Trickling on its way.
Many more rivulets join it,
Running on faster and faster.
Now it is a stream,
Flowing freely on,
Thundering, roaring over a cliff.
Freely on it flows,
Calming as it goes,
Joining other streams.
Now the stream is in a lake,
Coming out as a river that rushes freely on.
Meandering on,
Twisting and turning free.
Now we reach the mouth,
All muddy and swift,
Bursting free in to the sea.
Becoming rain to start it all again.


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