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The Storm

On this day in 2011, I started this blog.  Disjointed Rhymings is a whole year old today =D   Thank you to all of you for your contributions, feedback and support.  I hope that you are still enjoying what I post (when I remember to) and will stick around for the next year too!

Sorry for the silence of late, a combination of writers’ block and allowing myself to get out of the habit of posting.  I shall try to do better this year though.

I tried something a little different for me with this one, partly because I’d had the first two lines stuck in my head like a song for several days.  Maybe now I’m a little more comfortable with using a set number of syllables per line, I’ll finally get around to doing that haiku I’ve been putting off for so long.


The Storm


I am the tempest,
I am the storm.
I am the warning,
Writ in shepherd’s red dawn.
I am the black skies,
I am the clouds.
I am the dark day,
Blotting out the new sun.
I am the howling,
I am the gale.
I am the herald,
Of the torrent to come.
I am the deluge,
I am the rain.
I am the downpour,
That washes all away.
I am the blue skies,
I am the sun.
I am the clear air,
Swept clean by the storm’s might.


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Rain Song

So, there’s this Bloggers Choice Awards dealy, and there’s a category there for Best Hobby Blog (they don’t have a poetry/litertature one) and I’m in the running at the moment and about 27 votes from the top ten.  Help me out?  Vote here.


It was raining this evening, and was absolutely lovely.  I was going to post another archive poem, but I found this one whilst I was looking for it.  Almost almost fits to the tune of ‘Inspector Gadget’, the cartoon theme tune anyway.  I haven’t seen the movie to comment.  Enjoy!


Rain Song
When you see the rain clouds,
Then the little raindrops,
Every little plip-plop,
Come and join me out here,
Running through the puddles,


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Rains of Coniston

Appolgies for not having something new up last night, I was literally in a field.  Okay, actually a couple (ten) of us had popped in to the local town for a couple of pints of the local brew, but other than that, I was in a field.  There is a reason, I’m camping =D


Rains of Coniston
The Lakes have to get here somehow,
The reason drips from every bough.
Coniston rains are falling once more,
And we’re soaked in every pore.
Our towels can’t dry because there’s no sun,
Yet no rain or drizzle can spoil our fun.
We’ll all look so glam in our wellies,
A bunch of rain-soaked, camping nellies.


It is raining, has been drizzling since this morning.   Less than a week left 😦



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