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Roadside Diner

This one is the result of various sightings over the years.  When I told one of my friends the title, they were somewhat worried.  After they heard it, they were amused and admitted that it wasn’t what they had expected.  In a good way.  Hope you enjoy it to, please let me know, either in the comments below or through one of the half-dozen other ways of reaching me.


Roadside Diner
Down at the Roadside Diner,
We’ve all you can eat grass and leaves.
For rabbit, mouse, hare and deer,
But please keep near the hedge or the trees.
Down at the Roadside Diner,
Birds can come fill their crops with grit.
We’ve ants galore for green woodpeckers,
But please do try not to get hit.
Else down at the Roadside Diner,
You’ll get a free pass to our Scavengers’ Buffet.
A regularly replenished and varied spread,
Exclusively for red kite, crow, rook, magpie, jay…
Here at the Roadside Diner,
We’re proud of our all-natural food.
But must apologise for the noisy neighbours,
Their disturbing your meal is so terribly rude.



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