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Roborovski Fourteen

The Robbies kept on multiplying, and we got up to fourteen little dears at one point.  Sadly I’m down to twelve now as one male was killed by the other boys he was in with (uncles/dad and brothers) and today little Pipsqueak had to be put to sleep.  She had always been a bit wobbly and was the littlest of them all, even now she was half the size of her litter-mates at just an inch long.  Following a little adventure she had last week, she had been getting worse with her balance and struggles to right herself when she fell over.  Today she started having fits, as well as generally being unresponsive and lethargic, so the sad decision was made that it was better for her to have a quick and humane death rather than let her linger and waste away.  So at some point there will be a third Roborovski rhyme, but for now, I hope you enjoy the second.


And since writing this, they have all been split out appropriately.  In six months I shall know for sure how successful I have been, it takes until 4-5 months for them to be fully mature, and a one month gestation period.  Allowing a bit of extra time for late developers/mishaps.


Roborovski Fourteen
My Roborovski five,
Had multiplied by three,
But only fourteen now survive,
Since Aurora caught Houdini.


She licked his fur all over,
And treated him like a kitten.
But released him upon my request,
Shaken but thankfully unbitten.


Sadly he was too used to freedom,
And his soaking didn’t help either.
Two days later I awoke to find,
Poor Houdini was no longer a breather.


But his family are thriving,
The new babies have begun to explore.
Soon I will try to split girl from boy,
Hope that I don’t get any more!

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The Roborovski Five

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