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As Summer Fades

Things have taken a decidedly cool and soggy turn over the past week, and there were rumours of hail up the road from me, plus snow in Glencoe!  Autumn doesn’t start until the 21st, so if the weather would kindly remember that…  This is a pretty seasonal post, and I wanted to get it up before the season changed and I had to wait a year.  Part of my inspiration came from some comments I saw and heard about male opinions on female fashion outside of the summer months.  Let me know what you think below, and enjoy!


As Summer Fades
As summer begins to fade away,
And autumn time slowly draws near,
The fallen leaves start to appear.
As days cool, the hemlines begin to fall,
And necklines slowly start to rise,
Accompanied by disappointed male sighs.
As blue skies linger with a nip,
And the swifts and swallows congregate to go,
Thoughts turn to the likelihood of snow.
As the log fires once more are lit,
And the last barbeques consumed,
Jumpers from storage are swiftly exhumed.
As the hedgerows fill with fruits,
And greens turn to red and gold,
The summer fades and autumn takes hold.




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The Woods in Winter

There’s a lovely old beech wood a few miles from where I live, which contains one of my favourite local roads to drive on, as well as one of my favourite places to go and sit.   This Saturday I was driving through them and admiring the beauty that surrounded me as the snow fell and created quite the scene.  I’ll have to come back and polish this one up one day, or completely rewrite it.  We’ll see.


The Woods in Winter
The road winds on up the hill,
A shinning wet ribbon of black,
Snow melts as it lands on the tarmac.
Further in lie flashes of copper,
Where last year’s leaves form a carpet,
On the verge mud makes them darken to garnet.
Pure white sky overhead,
Into which snowy branches reach,
Supported by great grey pillars of beech.


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The Storm

On this day in 2011, I started this blog.  Disjointed Rhymings is a whole year old today =D   Thank you to all of you for your contributions, feedback and support.  I hope that you are still enjoying what I post (when I remember to) and will stick around for the next year too!

Sorry for the silence of late, a combination of writers’ block and allowing myself to get out of the habit of posting.  I shall try to do better this year though.

I tried something a little different for me with this one, partly because I’d had the first two lines stuck in my head like a song for several days.  Maybe now I’m a little more comfortable with using a set number of syllables per line, I’ll finally get around to doing that haiku I’ve been putting off for so long.


The Storm


I am the tempest,
I am the storm.
I am the warning,
Writ in shepherd’s red dawn.
I am the black skies,
I am the clouds.
I am the dark day,
Blotting out the new sun.
I am the howling,
I am the gale.
I am the herald,
Of the torrent to come.
I am the deluge,
I am the rain.
I am the downpour,
That washes all away.
I am the blue skies,
I am the sun.
I am the clear air,
Swept clean by the storm’s might.


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Spring is Almost Here

No, it’s not an April Fool, for one thing it’s far too late in the day for such things.  I’m actually doing a post!  I wanted to post this one a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t find it, even though I knew I’d seen it a couple of days before then.  Spring cleaning today relocated it (and relocated an awful lot of my stuff, a considerable amount to the bin).  For the past year there have been two big boxes between my bed and my bookcases, these have now gone, and the bookcases seem awfully far away now.


In other news, the proof for my part of ‘Ten of the Best’ finally arrived last Saturday and having corrected it, I sent it back last Thursday.  Things are moving, but it will still be a while before I’m sat here with the book in my hands.  If anyone wants a copy and hasn’t already asked, I do have a couple more available.


So this one is a little out of season, especially with the mini-Summer we’ve just had in the UK.  When am I ever seasonal?  Enjoy!


Spring is Almost Here
Snowdrops and celandine,
Nodding in the breeze.
On the banks of the stream,
Beneath budding trees.
The wind is bitter cold,
And the sky is grey as lead.
I wish that like the songbirds,
I had southward fled.
Then the sun breaks though the gloom,
To fill our hearts with cheer.
For these flowers don’t you know,
Mean spring is almost here!


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My day lilies have started coming up again, the birds are nesting and spring is officially a month and two days away.  So this is reasonably timely…

Forget-me-nots in yellow and blue,
The sky that perfect springtime hue.
Woodland carpet of blue and cream,
Winter fades to a cold, grey dream.
Tulips nodding in the breeze,
Leaves burst forth on all the trees.
From the hedgerows, birds give song,
And the coming of summer won’t be long.


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