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The Woods in Winter

There’s a lovely old beech wood a few miles from where I live, which contains one of my favourite local roads to drive on, as well as one of my favourite places to go and sit.   This Saturday I was driving through them and admiring the beauty that surrounded me as the snow fell and created quite the scene.  I’ll have to come back and polish this one up one day, or completely rewrite it.  We’ll see.


The Woods in Winter
The road winds on up the hill,
A shinning wet ribbon of black,
Snow melts as it lands on the tarmac.
Further in lie flashes of copper,
Where last year’s leaves form a carpet,
On the verge mud makes them darken to garnet.
Pure white sky overhead,
Into which snowy branches reach,
Supported by great grey pillars of beech.


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Nothing’s Going to Stop Us

I’ve not dared look how long it has been since I posted something new here.  Partly because that is also how long I’ve had writers block for, in spite of my best efforts to break it, partly because I know it has been far too long (and a friend told me off).


Recently two of my friends, Tom and Welsh Dave joined me in a trip to our usual stomping grounds for a walk following a bit of snow.  In light of the fact that other friends who lived nearer to there assured us that the roads were clear and it would be fine…let us just say it was slightly more challenging than usual.  But we didn’t give up!  No challenge that we faced beat us.  Choosing to skip one of our diversions on the ground that it would be too dangerous doesn’t count as a failure as we’d agreed in advance that we’d skip that part.  In advance being once we got to the car park… This poem was finally set to paper at the open mic night I attended, mostly because the other poet present had forgotten all of their work and so was writing something new and I felt that it was only fitting I do something new too.


Anyway, enjoy and I shall try my best to keep the scribblings coming!


Nothing’s Going to Stop Us
Nothing’s going to stop us,
We’ve made it here through floods and slush,
Though the car had to be pushed in to place.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
The (almost) mountain we must ascend,
Along paths buried in snow and molehills.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Not even my shoe splitting after a mile,
Just bandage it up and press ever on.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Though we may skip some extras,
Leave the track up the valley wall undisturbed.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Even when the river replaces the path,
We’ll just find a way around or through.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
But the lack of tea gave us pause,
The tearooms are shuttered already.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Now we must face it all again,
To return down the vale to our homes.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
The path has vanished ‘neath the floods,
And the mountain stands beside it.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
A sheer rock face we’ll traverse,
Clinging to the mud, roots and grass.
Nothing’s going to stop us,
Even a slip in to snow melt,
Pressing on towards our goal.
Nothing at all stopped us,
Floods, snow, mud, slush or downpours,
We made it all the way.


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An Icy Paradox

Slightly out of season this one, but I felt like posting it.  Quite simply, these are my observations on the attitudes of native-Londoners.  They tend to be rather icy and insular (never look at one on the tube, and if you do and accidentally make eye-contact, DO NOT smile).  Yet when it snowed, they suddenly got really friendly and sociable.  Strange people!  Enjoy 🙂


An Icy Paradox
A City filled with icemen,
Frozen faces,
Frozen hearts.

Leaden skies of darkest grey,
Icy winds drove falling snow.
From work and school it kept them away.

#Not had a snow like this for fifteen years#

And something strange in London Town,
As things grew colder the city hearts melted.
Gone was the fixed forbidding frown,
Replaced by friendly warming smiles.

A City filled with snowmen,
Frozen flakes,
Frozen ponds.

Alas such a heart-thaw could not last,
And the snow melted the next day.
As warmer winds usurped the Arctic blast,
Their demeanour grew cold once more.

#A bit warmer this week, things getting back to normal#

Wintry skies of cloud scattered blue,
Dirtied slush lingers in the gutters.
Icepeople return to whatever they do.

A City filled with icemen,
Frozen faces,
Frozen hearts.


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