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Spring is Almost Here

No, it’s not an April Fool, for one thing it’s far too late in the day for such things.  I’m actually doing a post!  I wanted to post this one a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t find it, even though I knew I’d seen it a couple of days before then.  Spring cleaning today relocated it (and relocated an awful lot of my stuff, a considerable amount to the bin).  For the past year there have been two big boxes between my bed and my bookcases, these have now gone, and the bookcases seem awfully far away now.


In other news, the proof for my part of ‘Ten of the Best’ finally arrived last Saturday and having corrected it, I sent it back last Thursday.  Things are moving, but it will still be a while before I’m sat here with the book in my hands.  If anyone wants a copy and hasn’t already asked, I do have a couple more available.


So this one is a little out of season, especially with the mini-Summer we’ve just had in the UK.  When am I ever seasonal?  Enjoy!


Spring is Almost Here
Snowdrops and celandine,
Nodding in the breeze.
On the banks of the stream,
Beneath budding trees.
The wind is bitter cold,
And the sky is grey as lead.
I wish that like the songbirds,
I had southward fled.
Then the sun breaks though the gloom,
To fill our hearts with cheer.
For these flowers don’t you know,
Mean spring is almost here!


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My day lilies have started coming up again, the birds are nesting and spring is officially a month and two days away.  So this is reasonably timely…

Forget-me-nots in yellow and blue,
The sky that perfect springtime hue.
Woodland carpet of blue and cream,
Winter fades to a cold, grey dream.
Tulips nodding in the breeze,
Leaves burst forth on all the trees.
From the hedgerows, birds give song,
And the coming of summer won’t be long.


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