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Double poem post today, a pair of very time appropriate pieces. ¬†That is all, enjoy! ūüôā


Tomorrow I turn twenty-one,
Tomorrow I hand in my essay.
Tomorrow I’m meeting Steveo for lunch,
By tomorrow tomorrow’s today.



Apparently today,
I’m officially old.
But I don’t feel that¬†ancient,
Despite what I’ve been told.
Apparently today,
I’m officially mature.
Now I don’t know about that,
But I’ll try and act demure.
Apparently today,
I’m officially adult.
Now that I’ll agree with,
But now things are my fault.


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Time To and See Me

I always feel like I’m cheating if the rhyme posted is a short one, so here’s a double header to conclude the week of posts in celebration of DisjointedRhymings being on Facebook. ¬†If you’re not already a ‘fan’ of the page, and you are on FB, links are to the left.

These two rhymes lived solely in my illustrated notebook, carefully written in using my quill pen and then illustrated using inks.  Said notebook had been living in Scotland for the past three years after lending it to Bonnie Prince Charlie (or at least the chap who spends most of his time pretending to be him) for his thoughts on my work.  Thankfully my friend got engaged and his betrothed being a lot more organised than he is, managed to arrange for it to return.  Enjoy!


Time To
My wrist aches,
Time to stop writing.
My nose runs,
Time to take more medicine.
My eyelids droop,
Time to get some sleep.



See Me
See me born,
See me smile.
See me laugh,
See me cry.
See me grow,
See me love.
See me learn,
See me die.

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