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How Rude!

One day I was in London with friends negotiating the Underground and got barged out of the way by someone I’d actually half turned out of the way of, even though they had three feet of space to one side.  My notebook was promptly whipped out when we made it on to the train and a few lines scribbled.

How Rude!
There’s three feet to the left of them,
But still they barge on through.
It seems that on the Underground,
That’s the thing to do.
How rude!

In other news, I’ve heard back about ‘Ten of the Best’ (having worked out a LOT more than ten had been contacted).  It seems they’re having trouble picking so are going to keep working on it and let me know, but if I don’t hear then thanks for submitting but I’m not in.  Considering that not everyone who has submitted has received that e-mail, I’m guessing I’ve made it through round one?  Time will tell.  Patience!


Also, a lovely new poetry forum has been founded by a lady going by the name of VickyEmma, feel free to join us over at Pop Poetry.  I’ve already joined and even posted a little rhyming bio thread under the name of DisjointedRhymings.  Aren’t I the original one 😉



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On a Hat Stand

Trying out my idea of posting twice a week, Sunday evening as currently, but also on a Wednesday evening.  We’ll see how it goes for a few weeks before I decide whether to make it the new schedule or not.  Let me know what you think either by commenting, tweeting ( @disjointedrhyme ), e-mailing (disjointedrhymings@gmail.com) or via the Facebook page which is just to the left.

I had to go to London a couple of weeks ago, and as I stood at the platform waiting for the train to stop, I spotted a hat stand a couple of carriages up from the one I got on.  It amused me, so I’ve been trying to get a rhyme about it ever since.  Enjoy!


On a Hat Stand
A hat stand on an Underground train,
Seems to me just a little bit odd.
But who am I to comment or complain,
Although I still wonder why it was.
Such elegant white-painted wood,
Topped with a smart new bowler hat.
Serene amongst the crowds it stood,
Long black coat draped over an arm.
Maybe it was an art installation,
A silent social commentary.
Reminding us who we are in this nation,
Land of cricket and crumpets and tea.
Perhaps it was merely some shopping,
The only practical way to get home.
As for the stand bearing clothing,
Well it sure does get hot on the Tube.
Having thought on it all I can say,
Is at the end of the day does it matter?
Whatever randomness you see on your way,
Just enjoy it and have a wee smile.


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